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Nutrisafe 2 Safety Enteral Feeding System

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In response to the 2006 safety alert issued by the JCAHO concerning the danger of enteral/IV misconnections, Vygon has developed a new generation of safety feeding tubes especially designed for neonatal and pediatric use. The Nutrisafe2 connection is a complete system and it does not change the technique of the clinical staff and therefore does not require special training. Connecting Nutrisafe2 to a standard luer fitting is not possible as the system features specific and unique dimensions to achieve this result. The Nutrisafe 2 system eliminates the risk of accidental connection of an enteral system to an I.V. system.

The system also features a comprehensive range of accessories, offering total security. The range offers practical and effective solutions, with no risk of error.


Smooth, light and compact

  • The egg shape connector design protects against irritation of the baby's fragile skin

Designed with male and female hubs

  • The feeding tube design features unique male hubs; and a female hub is used on all accessories

The system features threaded connections

  • Threaded connections make involuntary disconnection impossible. This design eliminates the risk of accidental connection of an IV system to the enteral system or the enteral system to an IV system. Voluntary disconnection is achieved by simply unscrewing the threaded hub connections

Specific and unique dimensions

  • The design prevents the connection of Nutrisafe2 to a standard luer fitting

Unique purple color coding

  • Nutrisafe2 features unique purple color coding to enable instant identification and avoids confusion with medical devices intended for other applications

Requires no special training


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Products  | Vygon | Neonatology - Paediatrics

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