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Star Medical will always strive to be an innovative healthcare solutions provider to all its clients.

Through our team of knowledgeable, dedicated, and skilled technicians, the company's philosophy remains to ensure that all customers obtain the highest level of satisfaction in:
The quality of the equipment supplied
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Respiratory Tract


Boussignac Continuous Positive Airway Pressure            

Indications: Acute Pulmonary Oedema (APO)

In hypoxemia, CPAP improves PaOwithout the need for endotracheal intubation

Prevention of post-operative atelectasis

Weaning from artificial ventilation

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (use air to generate the pressure)    


Very simple to use

Very low dead space and small size

Bronchoscopy can be performed in patients with severe hypoxemia

Open system, making it possible to communicate with the patiient, which helps to reduce stress

Reduces work of breathing due to the virtual valve which has no inertia

Boussignac CPAP    

Single and Double Valve For Thoracic Drainage

Valve body in flexible and transparent polyurethane with natural rubber sleeve in "duck bill" shape acting as a nonreturn valve.

This product allows thoracic drainage to continue without risk to the patuent even when transported, as the non-return valve means that the drain does not have to be clamped

Heimlich Type    

Surgical Suction and Wound Drainage Bottle

Pre-vacuum bottle for post-operative drainage

Plain bottle without connecting tube AND Drainage bottle with connecting tube 125cm

Vydrain 200ml/400ml/600ml    

Safescope Laryngoscope with Disposable Blade

Disposable, sterile ;aryngoscope blade, with fibre optic light source

Supplied in a protective cover 

Safescope Laryngoscope with Disposable Blade    



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Products  | Vygon | Respiratory Tract

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