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Star Medical will always strive to be an innovative healthcare solutions provider to all its clients.

Through our team of knowledgeable, dedicated, and skilled technicians, the company's philosophy remains to ensure that all customers obtain the highest level of satisfaction in:
The quality of the equipment supplied
The after-sales service rendered

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Unique pressure gauge is easy to read and durable.

Convenient IV Pole Loop Hanger is sturdy and easy to hang onto IV poles - even for short personnel.

IV Fluid Bag Hook is durable and designed to fit all standard bags snugly.

Durable Construction - will not rip or tear.

Clear sleeve around bag provides a visible window to see what fluids are being pressurized.

Palm fitted, efficient hand bulb makes inflation easy.

Choice of stopcock valve or bulb thumbwheel valve.









Easy to read Pressure Gauge

Unique gauge provides and easy to read 360 degree window which can be read from far away and features a built-in bleed vale which prevents overinflation.
Starting Position
Displays the pressure at 0mmHG before any pressure is applied.
Normal Pressure
Indicator marks are located at the 175mmHG and the 300mmHG levels. Green color at 300mmHG indicates normal proper inflation and is achieved when the indicator mark is lined up with the center line on the clear sight glass area.
Red color indicates overpressurization. When pressure reaches this area an automatic bleed valve will engage reducing the pressure to a safe level.



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Products  | Zefon | Pressure Infusors

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