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Star Medical will always strive to be an innovative healthcare solutions provider to all its clients.

Through our team of knowledgeable, dedicated, and skilled technicians, the company's philosophy remains to ensure that all customers obtain the highest level of satisfaction in:
The quality of the equipment supplied
The after-sales service rendered

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GRIP-LOK™ Universal Catheter and Tubing Securement        

Grip-Lok™ is a stabilization and securement device strong enough to lock catheters, tubes and lines securely in place, yet versatile enough for almost any securement situation. 


 GRIP-LOK® WA Universal PICC Catheter Securement       

New Grip-Lok Wide Adhesive: Universal "suture-free" stabilization for PICC catheters.


 GRIP-LOK™ H Hydrocolloid Universal Catheter and Tubing Securement

Designed specially for use with pediatric & neonatal patients with fragile skin, the Grip-Lok H™ hydrocolloid securement device works universally with a large variety of lines and tubes. It is designed to hold patient lines in place, prevent unnecessary pulls and improve patient care – while reducing hospital costs.


GRIP-LOK™ NGH Hydrocolloid Nasal Gastric Securement

New Grip-Lok Nasal Gastric Hydrocolloid for securement of feeding tubes and other lines on patients with delicate skin.



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Products  | Zefon | Securement Products

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