Ohio Medical

2- Mode Low Continuous Suction Regulator

The Ohio Medical® Continuous Vacuum Regulators provide regulated continuous suction for tracheal and pharyngeal airway management, surgical procedures and continuous nasogastric drainage. The Continuous Vacuum Regulator is compact, lightweight, and specially designed to be both durable and serviceable. An industry standard, it includes convenient features designed to improve suctioning procedures and enhance clinical practice throughout the hospital. Its modular design makes maintenance and repairs both quick and easy.


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The Three Mode Standard model provides an adjustable vacuum from zero to full-line vacuum and offers a MAX mode which provides unrestricted full-line vacuum for emergencies. The Low model is colour-coded to indicate its low vacuum range, 0-160 mmHg and includes a negative pressure limiting valve to limit the maximum negative pressure to 135 mmHg. Each gauge has glow-in-the-dark increments and needle.